General Repair

We work with all insurance and warranty companies. We will handle your car repairs quickly and efficiently. Most body shops do not have ability to do mechanical repairs and consequently they can not create correct estimates for the actual damages. Accidents cause damages not only to the body of the vehicle but also to the engine, transmissions, motor mounts and suspension.

We specialize in mechanical as well as collision repairs. We make sure to help you get your claim approved for collision as well as mechanical repairs fast and accurate.We can handle just about any issue your car may have. if you check engine light is on we can diagnose and fix what is causing it. there is not job too big or too small. From frame repairs , suspension , brakes, bearings, oil and any filter and your car may have. we can replace anything from a bulb to an engine. If your car wont run you can have it towed in. if you are in need of towing service , call Ringo Towing will give you a discount if you are having your car towed to Autopoint (443)-794-0669 / (443)-824-3190.

We will meet or in most cases beat any estimate that you bring us. We will work within your budget.